Starter Kit for Small Gardens

Ideal for gardens up to 0-50m2.

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Here's what's included:

Growth Stimulating Organic Liquid

Boosts Nutrients
Stimulates Growth
Activates Microbial Life

90 day supply included - ships quarterly.

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Give your small garden the essential nutrition it needs with our Starter Kit. This kit contains 1 liter of our potent GuanoBoost Liquid, providing a complete garden nutrition solution for lawns, trees, shrubs, veggies, and indoor plants. Easy to apply and safe for kids and pets, it ensures your garden stays healthy and vibrant.
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Excellent Product

I am on very poor coastal sand soil. Guanoboost has had an amazing effect on my garden plants in terms of stronger growth and more flowers. Be prepared for the smell, which does disappear quickly.

Total Nourishment System for Large Gardens
Andrea Coronel (Durban, ZA)
Amazing product

I have been using Guanoboost for over a year and I’m very happy with the results


I tried to create my own spreader by drilling holes on the 1kg container lid. It worked but the spreader works even better cause it has a handle

Uitstaande produk

Baie dankie vir die fantastiese diens van Noxie.
Julle produk is die beste, gebruik dit nou vir amper 4jr. My kliënte kan nie glo hoe goed dit werk nie.

Amazing Product

This is my second order of Guanoboost Liquid. The plants love this stuff. My garden looks amazing. Last year the pansies lasted about three months longer than the nursery said they would thanks to Guanoboost.

5 Liter GuanoBoost Liquid - For Medium Sized Gardens
Carolyn Skinner (Port Elizabeth, ZA)
Make your own oasis.

Excellent product. Makes a huge difference to the garden.

GuanoBoost Spreader
Nirvana (Pretoria, ZA)
Works brilliantly

This works very well. It has four positions which include three different size holes and a close position so that extra fertiliser/seeds can be stored. As you shake the container, contents come out onto the shelf that has ridges on it which evenly distribute it. It made applying fertiliser to my lawn very fast and easy. Due to its 2.5L size you will need to refill it a few times but if was any bigger it would make it too heavy when full.

Green green green

Bought liquid and granules, been applying to lawn and plants, what a change for the better, garden is green again and plants flourishing. Garden is green, product is green, neighbours are green with envy!!!

The GuanoBoost Sprayer Bottle (2nd gen)
Jurgens Pieterse (Johannesburg, ZA)

Not working at all!! Waste of money..

10kg GuanoBoost Pure Organic Granules
Barbara (Cape Town, ZA)

The best solution for a beautiful garden with so little effort 🌷💕

2 Weeks Difference after Guano boost application

Initial photo and last photo is exactly 2 weeks and 2 days apart. Middle photo was taken 1 week after Guanoboost application.

I am very happy with the outcome of this product and even happier with the fact that I bought 25L for a lawn that's not big but I've got enough to last me at least 1 year.

I wish they'd pay me for this review but they're not hahaha. Product is good

10kg GuanoBoost Pure Organic Granules
Jan Barnard (Rustenburg, ZA)
Excellent product

Using Guano boost for 2 Nd season. Used it 2021. Tried a similar product last season. Now going back to using Guano boost again this season. Excellent results on all my crops, fruit trees and garden.

5kg GuanoBoost Pure Organic Granules
Giovanni De Jesus (Bloemfontein, ZA)
Guanoboost is amazing

I used Guanoboost for the first time 3 weeks ago and my lawn looks amazing, after trying multiple products i have never seen results as quickly as with Guanoboost

One Year Supply for Small Garden 12 x 1l
Robyn Clement (Johannesburg, ZA)
An amazing product.

GuanoBoost is really easy to apply, no heavy bags to carry! My garden loves it for the nourishment.

25 Liter GuanoBoost Liquid - For Large Gardens or Commercial Farmers

5kg GuanoBoost Pure Organic Granules
Seemane Morake (Pretoria, ZA)

Have been using it for 4 months on both the lawn and flowers and the result are 👌

Amandel bome

Ek het Augustus 2022 tien Amandel bome geplant in die Karoo. Die bome is geplant in Kalkreet( Caliche). Die Kalkreet is weg gebreek om n gat te vorm van 1meter x 1meter x1meter. Die gat is toe gevul met sand grond en selfgemaakte kompos wat is lae gelê is. Met elke laag is 2 liter 1:20 opgelosde Guanoboost bygevoeg. Die bome het 2,5 meter gegroei in een seisoen en dit is in die Karoo net buite Orania. Ek het ook drie Chinese populiere geplant op die selfde metode en hulle het 3 meter gegroei in dieselfde seisoen. Voorwaar n puik produk.


I just did my second month treatment on my home garden and I'm already seeing better than expected results.
Seedlings are looking stronger and everything seems to

10kg GuanoBoost Pure Organic Granules
Michael Neves (Johannesburg, ZA)
Excellent product and value for money

I use Guano boost as an all round organic fertilizer and it works very well on my lawns, flower beds and vegetable patch. If you compare it to other organic fertilizers, it is very well priced.

10kg GuanoBoost Pure Organic Granules
Jenny Goncalves (Polokwane, ZA)

We are using this product on the lawn (if the dogs and wildlife would stop eating them 😂😂) and the grass is starting to grow again 👍🏻

The GuanoBoost Sprayer Bottle (2nd gen)
Carl Scholtz (Johannesburg, ZA)
Spray bottle

Very good And covienient but uses more product than a batched knapsack sprayer.

GuanoBoost and Sprayer Combo (Gen 2)
Craig Cairns (Cape Town, ZA)
Guano Boost Spray bottle +Refill pack

Been using Guanoboost for a few months now. Definitely an Improvement in my lawn grass nice and green. Few yellow spots here and there due to insufficient sunlight in certain spots. But overall love Guanoboost.

Combo: 5L Liquid + 2 x 10Kg Granules
Guanoboost results

I have used Guanoboost for a long period of time and it is all the manufacturers say and plenty more. The granules are great for a flower bed that has plenty of foliage. You can sprinkle it around the base of the plants where it can get to work at once⅞

10kg GuanoBoost Pure Organic Granules
Shireen Usmani (Lydenburg, ZA)

Didn't used yet hope so it will be good

Combo: 5L Liquid + 2 x 10Kg Granules
Tichaona Mudonhi (Johannesburg, ZA)

Good product guanoboost, my vegetables are starting to change out of the winter damage. Looking forward to see guanoboost wonders.