5 Liter GuanoBoost Liquid - For Medium Sized Gardens

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GuanoBoost is a Complete Garden Nutrition Solution that contains all the macro nutrients, micro nutrients and essential trace elements that your garden needs to thrive!

Boosts Nutrients
Stimulates Growth
Activates Microbial Life

Give your garden what it needs to Grow Like Never Before!

Offer: 1 x 5l Liquid

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How To Use:

Using GuanoBoost is as easy as 1,2,3...

It's a hassle-free process that fits seamlessly into your gardening routine

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GuanBoost is the preferred choice of lawn care enthusiasts worldwide, and trusted by by 50 000+ gardeners & commercial farmers.

Customer Reviews

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Julia (Pretoria, ZA)
Amazing Product

This is my second order of Guanoboost Liquid. The plants love this stuff. My garden looks amazing. Last year the pansies lasted about three months longer than the nursery said they would thanks to Guanoboost.

Carolyn Skinner (Port Elizabeth, ZA)
Make your own oasis.

Excellent product. Makes a huge difference to the garden.

Robey Larsen (Centurion, ZA)
Green green green

Bought liquid and granules, been applying to lawn and plants, what a change for the better, garden is green again and plants flourishing. Garden is green, product is green, neighbours are green with envy!!!

Jenny Goncalves (Polokwane, ZA)

Excellent product

J.N. (Boksburg, ZA)
Green and lush lawn

I am super happy with the results. I applied in April and my lawn is lush and green. I am still having to mow my lawn even though it is winter in JHB right now. Photo taken today 24/06/2023

Salome De Lange (Uitenhage, ZA)

5 Liter Guanoboost Liquid - For Medium Sized gardens

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Safe for Kids and Pets

Guanoboost is free from chemicals, synthetic ingredients, and toxins, making it safe for both kids and pets.

You can nurture your garden with peace of mind, knowing that your little ones and furry friends can play around the garden safely.

Environmentally Friendly

Guanoboost is manufactured using environmentally friendly practices, ensuring that your gardening efforts contribute to a healthier planet.

By choosing Guanoboost, you’re not just nourishing your garden but also giving back to the planet.

Our environmentally friendly approach ensures your green thumb helps in building a greener Earth.

Easy to Use

Our fertiliser is designed with convenience in mind. Simply shake the bottle, mix 1 part Guanoboost with 20 parts water, and apply the diluted mixture to your plants or lawn.

It's a hassle-free process that fits seamlessly into your gardening routine.



Environmentally Friendly

Safe For Pets & Kids

Easy To Apply

No More Burn

Safe For Pets

Frequently Asked Questions

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You can call or whatsapp us on 0818389382 or email us at hello@guanoboost.com

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Guanoboost is not your average fertilizer...

What makes Guanoboost the ultimate organic fertiliser?

Here's why it stands out from the competition:

1.) Boosts Nutrients 💪

Our organic liquid fertilizer provides a nutrient-rich blend that gives your plants the essential elements they need for optimal growth and development. Say hello to lush foliage, abundant blooms, and bountiful harvests!

2.) Activates Microbial Life 🦠

Guanoboost goes beyond traditional fertilisers by activating and nourishing the microbial life in your soil. These beneficial microorganisms work symbiotically with your plants, enhancing nutrient absorption and promoting a healthy root system.

3.) Stimulates Growth 🌱

Experience accelerated growth and robust plant development with Guanoboost. Our carefully formulated blend stimulates natural growth processes, giving your plants the extra boost they need to thrive.

100% Organic Liquid Fertiliser

Using Guanoboost for your gardening endeavors offers a plethora of benefits:

Here's what you can expect:

1.) Macro and Micro Elements ⚛

Our organic liquid fertilizer is packed with a balanced mix of macro and microelements essential for plant nutrition. From nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium to trace minerals, Guanoboost ensures your plants receive a comprehensive nutrient profile.

2.) Fulvic Acid ♾️

Guanoboost harnesses the power of fulvic acid, a natural compound derived from organic materials. Fulvic acid enhances nutrient absorption, improves soil structure, and aids in the transportation of nutrients within plants, resulting in stronger and healthier growth.

3.) Enzyme Activity ✨

Enzymes play a vital role in plant metabolism and nutrient utilization. Guanoboost incorporates enzymes that promote enzymatic activity, supporting efficient nutrient uptake and utilisation by your plants.