GuanoBoost was founded 2018 by two lifelong friends, Johan and Theo, in a small Tobacco store in Swartwater, Limpopo. They had a vision of “Helping gardeners to increase soil, lawn and garden health and helping veggie growers to increase crop yields and crop health all without damaging the soil.” The two were soon joined by Stephen, a mutual friend and mentor who contributed significantly to the building of the GuanoBoost family.

Our clients become family

...and with the continuous use of our Products you’ll see improvement in the quality and health of your soil, lawn and garden without the use of chemical fertilizers. The most important initial step is to start applying a natural organic fertilizer. 100% Organic GuanoBoost. - Your lawn, kids and pets will thank you over time! GuanoBoost is Proudly South African - made in Pretoria SA from 100% organic materials.