1 liter of GuanoBoost will cover 400m2 of lawn.
GuanoBoost is very flexible. It can be used as a foliate application or soil application. You dilute 1 liter of GuanoBoost with 20 liters of water. It can then be sprayed with a rug sack or a mist sprayer. It can be used through an irrigation system or the like and applied even in concentrate at the base of a plant or a tree at 50ml per application.
GuanoBoost is a general plant food or plant nutrition and soil conditioner, which actually activates the microbial life in your soil. It is not a strong synthetic fertilizer and should therefore be used in smaller quantities more often. GuanoBoost can be applied as often as weekly but it is recommended to apply it at least every second month or four times during the summer months.
Through the proprietary development process of GuanoBoost we release fulvic acid and micro carbon elements that acts as a carrier to transport nutrition into the plant as well as to loosen or release nutrients that is locked up in your soil. Secondly it contains all the trace and micro elements as well as the macro elements that the plant needs to flourish.
Chemical burn is by nature chemical burn and usually attributed to chemical and synthetic fertilizer. GuanoBoost is a very strong, natural fertilizer and may in certain cases burn your plant leaves if applied in concentrate form. It is therefore recommended that it is diluted with water 1:20 before applying to your plants.
Synthetic fertilizers feeds the plant and usually just contains macro elements for example nitrogen, potassium and phosphate. Organic fertilizer is a more balanced fertilizer, including the same macro elements but then also micro and trace elements that is not usually found in chemical fertilizers. It then further has other attributes like amino acids, fulvic acid and organic carbon that would feed your soil as well as stimulate microbial life in your soil to feed your plants.
Natural fertilizers again by its nature is safe to use on plants and is safe for your family, children and pets and doesn't contain any of the harmful chemicals and elements found in synthetic fertilizers that can be detrimental to your loved ones.