The GuanoBoost Sprayer Bottle (2nd gen)

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GuanoBoost Sprayer:

  • 🚀 Easy as 1-2-3!

1️⃣ Fill the Container: Add 1 liter of GuanoBoost.
2️⃣ Attach the Hosepipe: Quick and simple.
3️⃣ Open Your Tap: Let the magic happen over your lawn.

Offer: The GuanoBoost Sprayer Bottle (2nd gen)

The GuanoBoost Sprayer bottle was designed to make YOUR life easier. It is as simple to use as 1-2-3.

1. You fill the container with 1l of Guanoboost

You simply fill the container with 1 liter of Guanoboost up to the level indicated

2. Attach the hosepipe

Simply attach your hosepipe to the sprayer bottle with a quick coupling connection.

3. Open your Tap

When you open your tap and water starts to flow through the sprayer the force of the water will suck the guanoboost into the sprayer and mix it with the water at the correct ratio and spray over your lawn and plants. 1l of Guanoboost will then cover 400m2 of your lawn and garden.

As easy as that!

Customer Reviews

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Jurgens Pieterse (Johannesburg, ZA)

Not working at all!! Waste of money..

Carl Scholtz (Johannesburg, ZA)
Spray bottle

Very good And covienient but uses more product than a batched knapsack sprayer.

Elmarie Boshoff (Alberton, ZA)
Easy To Use Sprayer Bottle

The GuanoBoost Sprayer Bottle (2nd gen) makes it very easy, with no waste at all!

Tanya Van der Westhuizen (Pretoria, ZA)
Spray bottle

I absoluutly love it!!

Simon Giles (Durban, ZA)
Spray bottle and 25L guanoboost

Well made. Love the on and off slide turner. Good pressure. Wonderful. Easy to use and does not leak. I bought 25L guanoboost and the smell is very intense. Sprayed it with the spray bottle. 2 weeks later my hedges are pushing new leaves. My roses are super happy and pushing new buds. Never before have they done so well. Shrubs and plants all flourish. I will be spraying again now. I am a landscaper for the past 15 years and this is honestly the best fertiliser I have ever used. I will be buying plenty more 25L in the near future. Thanks. I highly recommend guanoboost.

Mark Cawood (Johannesburg, ZA)
Awesome product

I bought 25 litres of guanoboost and this makes for really easy application. My gardener loves the product, garden is flourishing


How to use the GuanoBoost sprayer


The GuanoBoost sprayer bottle (2nd gen)

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