How to videos

Are you uncertain which container to buy, how to apply or simply need to want to find out some more about GuanoBoost? Then this is the place to be. In this section we will show videos on how to use Guanoboost in any application.

The Guanoboost 1l Bottle - Who is it for


The GuanoBoost 5l Bottle - Who is it for

Using GuanoBoost with a small watering can 


Using GuanoBoost with a Large watering can


The GuanoBoost Frequently asked Questions:

In this video we answer the following questions:

  1. Why is my lawn turning brown?
  2. Why do i have to apply it once a month?
  3. What is ratio for plants and trees?
  4. Will GuanoBoost remove brown patches on my lawn?
  5. Do i have to remove weeds,before applying GuanoBoost?
  6. Is GuanoBoost suitable for my veggies?
  7. Is the product sustainable over long term. Or should one take a break after using it for certain time?
  8. What are the NPK values?
  9. How do i get rid of the pests?
  10. How do i get my money back when GuanoBoost did not work for my lawn?
  11. How long does it take to see results?
  12. Is there a good time to apply GuanoBoost?
  13. What should i do after applying too much GuanoBoost?
  14. Can I fertilize my trees when they are bearing fruits?