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Start your own herb garden!

Ask any gardener or cook, and they will tell you that starting a herb garden is well worth it for fresh ingredients at your fingertips. Herbs look beautiful, smell incredible, accentuate food, and bring its taste to life. It also assists in boosting the health content of your meals and can be used for medicinal purposes.

Let's take a step-by-step look at starting your herb garden at home.

1.Planned for purpose

Do you have a specific theme or reason for herbs in mind? Herb gardens range from culinary gardens to medicinal gardens, insect-repellent gardens to bee or butterfly gardens. The purpose of your garden will determine the type of herbs you should plant.


2. Select the spot

Herbs grow best in a sunny but sheltered spot near the house or as accompaniments to your vegetables or flowers. Soil should be reasonably level and able to drain well. Herbs flourish in healthy soil, so use the best fertiliser.


3. Decide on the design.

There are no rules to herb garden designs but choose a style that suits the rest of your garden. Structured herb gardens use straight lines and geometric shapes, while lines in informal herb gardens flow and curve.


4. Highlight your herbs of choice.

Go back to your reason for starting a herb garden and select your herbs accordingly. Also, keep in mind that we can plant some herbs together but others not. For instance, rosemary grows great with sage and thyme because they prefer dry soil, whereas basil and parsley prefer moisture.


5. Prep the place

Prepare the ground before planting by digging 30cm deep holes, mixing compost and organic material, raking it smooth, watering and leaving overnight for the soil to settle.


6. Position the plants

First position the herbs and spread them out to ensure that you are satisfied with the look, but more importantly, that they have enough space to grow fully.


7. Plant those pretties

Before planting, water the herbs to loosen root balls and add GuanoBoost organic fertiliser to each planting hole. Firm the soil around each plant and water deeply. From here on, continue to water deeply, but less frequently. Watch them grow and enjoy all the goodness of your herb garden.


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