Top tricks for growing Tomatoes

Top tricks for growing Tomatoes - GuanoBoost

Since first discovered in 1519 and once considered poisonous, the tomato certainly has come a long way. Nowadays, we celebrate tomatoes as the main component in many a soup, sauce, salad, and even cocktails because of their versatility and all-year-round availability. They love sunshine and heat, making South Africa ideal for planting and growing tomatoes.                          Herewith our GuanoBoost top tips on growing these blushing beauties in your own veggie garden:


Do not plant in the same space.

For a minimum of three years, do not plant tomatoes in the same space, especially if planted in the ground. By doing so, you reduce the risk of tomato blight and blossom rot, which are diseases derived from the soil. And since tomatoes are heavy feeders, you also keep your plants healthy by giving them nutrients from fresh ground.


Provide the best growing conditions.

Prepare the soil with organic matter two weeks before planting, organic fertilizer at planting time, and regular liquid feeds after that. The fact is that tomatoes that pack a punch of flavour are gleaned from plants that get all the nutrients they need. GuanoBoost contains all the essential and non-essential nutrients, fulvic acid and organic carbon required to load your tomatoes with organic plant nutrients and thus ensure a robust and tasty crop.


Support is critical for a healthy crop.

You must install your support before you plant. Use cages, stakes, or trellises to support your crop, as unsupported vines are more susceptible to storm damage and can easily get trampled on.


Dig deep.

One must plant tomatoes deep in the soil because more roots will grow from the stem. The roots are where plants get their nutrients and water. Deep planting also provides for sturdiness during storms or extreme wind.


Mulch makes merry.

Mulch with shredded leaves or any other organic matter. Mulching keeps the soil moist and prevents fungal spores from reaching your plants.


Be water-wise.

Water tomatoes in the morning when they are most receptive to moisture; 1 to 2 inches of water per week (but not all at once) is sufficient. Water consistently and do not allow the soil to dry out.


Pruning to perfection.


Prune your tomato plants at the bottom as they grow – this takes branches away, allowing for air and light to circulate through your plants.

Tomatoes are packed with vitamins, calcium, and potassium and are rich in lycopene, a powerful antioxidant good for the heart. Do yourself a favour by growing them well with GuanoBoost, the ingredient which cultivates their natural goodness.

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