How to grow ginger indoors.

How to grow ginger indoors. - GuanoBoost

Ginger is the root of the Zingiber officinale, a plant family member that includes cardamom and turmeric. It is widely used as a spice but also valued as a healing aid in treating common colds, nausea and stomach upset, migraines, arthritis and hypertension.

Ginger makes a great kitchen companion, and this tropical plant can conveniently be grown indoors throughout the year and even during winter.

Let's look at four steps to growing ginger indoors.

1. You will need a wide planting container with sufficient draining holes and a tray beneath it to get started. Ginger needs ample space to grow and spread and be sure to use something portable as they prefer indirect sunny spots. Place a few stones in the tray to allow for drainage and humidity. Source roots from nurseries or garden centres or cut a few pieces off an existing ginger plant or rhizome. You will also need nutrient-packed potting soil that drains well.


2. The next step is getting your ginger roots ready for planting. Start by soaking roots overnight in warm water and cutting each into sections with one budding eye on each section. Section size varies according to the number of eyes on the root because the eyes will sprout and produce plants. Near fill the planting container with potting soil and place the root sections buds facing upwards, at least five inches apart, on top of the ground. Cover lightly with more potting soil and water until moist. Position the plants in a warm area that gets a minimum of five hours of filtered sunlight per day, and be patient as shoots will only start to appear between three to eight weeks.


 3. The key to caring for your ginger plants is keeping them warm, moist and well-fed. Keep them in temperatures of about 23°C, away from drafts with some sun exposure and humidity, by placing them on the stones in the tray with a bit of water at the bottom. The soil must always be damp to the touch, and fresh compost must be added whenever more stems form and the foliage grows. Feed it monthly with GuanoBoost 100% organic liquid fertiliser for potted plants as soon as you notice an abundance of growth and leaf production.

 4. You can harvest bits of young roots three to four months after the ginger grows. It takes about eight months for rhizomes to mature fully, and when you cut them, try to leave a couple of inches connected to the stalk to keep it alive. It will allow your plants to continue to grow and produce new roots. Also, give the rhizomes a few weeks of recovery time before cutting again from the same plant.

Now it is time to appreciate home-grown, organic ginger in many ways. Enjoy them dried, powdered, pickled, crystallised, or even freshly grated in soups or salads. GuanoBoost 100% organic liquid fertiliser is your ginger's best buddy. Our nutrients are perfect for indoor plants, giving an immediate boost of nutrients for higher-quality growth and a healthier plant. Visit our website for all our garden solutions, and get in touch for more information.

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