GuanoBoost's Quick Guide to Organic Composting

GuanoBoost's Quick Guide to Organic Composting - GuanoBoost

Organic composting refers to turning food scraps and organic waste into garden fertiliser to boost your plants and freeing landfills from kitchen waste. Presently, fresh herbs and veggies are the most wasted products by weight, and by reducing landfill emissions, we can do our bit for Mother Earth and fuel our gardens with nutrient-rich feed.

Let's look at five easy steps to organic composting.

1. Considerate containers

Ideally, it would help if you used a bucket with a lid or a purpose-built bin to house your compost. Ensure that it is sturdy and store it in a spot where bin smells won't bother you.

2. Must-have materials

Browns are considered it-factors for organic composting. Think newspapers, paper plates and cups, wooden cutlery and even dried leaves. Leave any plastics, including tape and staples, out of the compost bin.

3. Garden goodies

Now you have a meaningful place for vegetable peels, onion skins, and fruit and vegetable scraps. Throw in some grass clippings, eggshells, coffee grounds, or compostable tea bags.

4. Break it down

Organic compost requires circulating air, turning, water, and soil top-ups every three to seven days. Watch out for over-watering as compost asks for damp rather than soggy conditions.

5. Give it to the garden

When your compost has a soil-like texture, it has broken down and is ready to use. Now you can spread and mix it over vegetable gardens and into the soil and sprinkle it over your lawn for an instant boost.

GuanoBoost contains only nutrients and no toxins whatsoever. It is the all-inclusive answer to organic composting in your garden without harmful chemicals such as iron, carbamates, or compost organophosphates which make up commercial fertilisers. Contact us today and start your journey to #guanoboostyourgarden.

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