GuanoBoost: Fruit trees for all seasons

GuanoBoost: Fruit trees for all seasons - GuanoBoost

Fruit trees are great additions to any garden. Not only because they make the best palate partners but also because they look pretty and offer low-maintenance solutions to keeping your fruit baskets stocked and organic. Before embarking on your planting project, it's important to distinguish between evergreen and deciduous fruit trees and know when and why to start planting fruit trees seasonally.

First, what's the difference between evergreen and deciduous trees?

Evergreen trees keep their leaves all year round, and deciduous trees drop them during autumn.

Fruit trees to plant during summer

Summertime is ideal for planting evergreen fruit trees because the sun heats the soil and creates a citrus-friendly environment. Plant evergreen fruits like oranges, lemons, cumquats, grapefruit, or deciduous variants, including nectarines, pomegranates, and persimmons.

Fruit trees to plant during autumn

Citrus fruit trees, as mentioned above, continue to grow in autumn alongside certain leave-dropping species that include apples and pears and some stone fruit such as peaches, plums and cherries.

Fruit trees to plant during winter

Winter is ideal for deciduous trees such as apples, pears, nectarines, cherries, peaches and plums, mainly if planted bare-rooted. Evergreen fruit trees like guava and lychee also thrive during winter planting.

Fruit trees to plant during spring

Like summer, spring also works for evergreen fruit trees, such as mangoes and coconuts, looking for warmer soil. Plant deciduous varieties, including apricots, peaches and figs.

The benefits of growing your fruit

Although there is no downside to growing your own fruit or vegetables, we must highlight the following benefits:

  • Access to organic produce all year round.
  • Fewer runs to the supermarket mean reducing food costs and spending less money on fuel.
  • Less plastic use.
  • You have control over the entire planting and cultivating process, including using organic fertilisers, eliminating pesticides and conserving water.
  • Increased biodiversity in your garden.

Thriving fruit trees need areas with regular and consistent sunlight in big enough spaces with good drainage. They require soft surface soil in a garden area shielded from the wind. Lastly, lots of patience and GuanoBoost 100% organic liquid and granular fertiliser full of nutrients for higher-quality growth and a healthier plant.

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