Farming for our future.

Farming for our future. - GuanoBoost

Regenerative farming or agriculture is a growing movement that describes farming practices that reduce the harmful effects of chemical fertilisers by introducing organic fertiliser into your fertiliser strategy and still maintaining or even increasing yields, all while putting essential nutrients and micro and macro elements back into the soil. It looks to rebuild soil organic matter and restore the biodiversity of soil degradation, thus reducing carbon and improving the water cycle.

For humankind to meet our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to grow their food, it’s imperative for the farming industry to change how it is farming.

Since the introduction of chemical fertilisers, we've drastically reduced farm soil nutrients and instead replaced them with toxins - practices that have near-depleted land commodities, which, if not reversed, will ruin the land. Although conventional fertilisers might have a high percentage of elements, most remain unavailable until broken down. Furthermore, chemical fertilisers kill essential microorganisms, which, once destroyed, lead to the nutrients becoming locked into the soil and inaccessible to the plants. So, to get the same yields, year after year, farmers have to put more and more chemical fertilisers onto the soil. That starts a vicious cycle where the soil becomes more and more depleted.

What can we do?

The solution is to practice regenerative farming by using organic fertilisers as part of your fertilising strategy. Soil regeneration is all about putting organic material back into the soil and unlocking the essential nutrients that become locked into the ground and unavailable to the plant through chemical fertilisers. With the right fertiliser strategy, you wean soil off chemical fertilisers and slowly reintroduce the organic matter, thus reducing the harmful impact of chemical fertilisers and breathing new life back into your depleted soil and giving it what it needs to survive and thrive over many years.

The essential raw ingredients of the guano birds' diet of fish and crustaceans are pre-digested, meaning they are partly broken down. GuanoBoost goes through an accelerated fermentation process, further breaking down the guano and essential ingredients. It means they are immediately available in the suitable form when the plant needs them. That is why many customers see instant results when applying GuanoBoost.

In addition, GuanoBoost feeds the microorganisms in the soil, stimulating the microorganism population, which breaks down the unavailable forms in the ground to make them available to plants. This process results in healthier plants, higher yields, quality produce and a prolonged production cycle that helps plants survive cold and heat.

Join GuanoBoost, and let's farm for today and the future. Visit our website for all our farming and garden nutrition solutions, and get in touch for more information.

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